Dolls Can't Cry                                        FEATURE FILM
Studio build, locations




Director of photography TOMEK BOROKOWSKI


Faith is in a co-dependent relationship, is afraid to go out and won't accept the reality of her past, present or future. Pregnant and trapped inside her own world, she has to prove she can be a mother to the child she dumped on her sister seven years ago if she is to go through with the birth. The only path she can see is to bring her daughter into her fantasy world, the dollshouse she escaped to as a child, a place where bad things never happen. But her time is running out.
Her sister and her boyfriend are arranging for the girl to be adopted as Faith appears increasingly insane. No longer the safe place she imagined, the dollshouse starts to reveal itself as thin veil covering the secrets of the past. With reality crashing in on her she has nowhere to go. She has to face the thing she fears most. Herself.

The spare room.

This is the space were Mance, writer committed to his first book, spends most of his time.

Faith prepares a space in the spare room for her daughter Nell. This was more in keeping with the look of the dollshouse and her idea of making the flat looking as safe as her imaginary world. Textures and shadows were added in to enhance a dream-like feel.

The dollshouse was fun to design. Coming from Faith's childhood, the 70's were my main reference with its warm colours and geometric patterns.

Shadows were intentionally painted in and lights were used in a dramatic way to give the dollshouse a slightly sinister look.

Korean BJD dolls sponsored our film. The company was specifically briefed to make the dolls look like our actors as much as possible.

The life-sized dollshouse.

Faith's imaginary world, a place were nothing bad could ever happen.

The bedroom.

The wallpaper was chosen for its geometrical pattern, to represent Faith's mental disorder.

Things get more complicated when the two realities start to merge into each other in Faith's mind.

Trapped in her own reality, the kitchen was the only room from where Faith could spy on the outside world.